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Student Progress Monitoring System




Grant Elementary School now offers personalized, 24/7 access to student performance data through the District’s Schoology Learning Management System (LMS). Teachers have created a custom, school-wide student progress monitoring data and support system through a course that enables teachers and staff to enter personalized student performance data -- for instance, from Early Language and Literacy Plan (ELLP) Academies and Writing From the Beginning and Beyond (WFTBB) -- in one place accessible to all. The student progress monitoring data and support system allows our school to look internally and not wait for outside measures to track students’ progress.  Schoology automatically generates color-coded data walls and student objective reports that allow teachers, staff and parents to provide students with personalized instructional support. The system also allows our school to assess students’ current performance to track demonstrated growth over previous years. Teachers look forward to being able to track multiple measures of student progress and actively participate in a cycle of continuous improvement to support their students.