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Principal's Message

Welcome to Grant Elementary School! Home of the Tigers!


In this 2020-21 school year, Grant will continue to focus on Science, Engineering, Math and integration of technology into our teaching and learning.  We will deviate from the traditional approach of how a public school normally operates and emphasize science instruction which is not assessed in most of the grade levels in the State Standardized Tests.  By concentrating on science education, we want to adequately expose our students to subject areas that will equip them with the skills they need to succeed in careers of the future.  It is becoming evident that science and technology will provide most of the future jobs of this 21st Century and Grant Elementary is committed to laying a solid foundation to ensure that our students excel as scientists if they chose that career pathway.  We will accomplish this goal through the following curricular programs here at Grant:

  • Rigorous Implementation of New Generation Science Standards (NGSS)at all grade levels to ensure that our students are sufficiently exposed to different branches of science education and also given the right foundation to excel in science subjects at both the secondary level, and college and to pursue future careers in the sciences.
  • Rigorous Math Instruction Using Three Phase Math Structureto help students to develop conceptual understanding and application of the 8 Mathematical Practices in solving math problems. Efforts will be made to use real life examples to make math come alive to students.
  • Rigorous Integration of Technology in Teaching and Learningbecause Grant is a 1:1 Technology school. In line with 21st Century expectations, we will strive to regularly integrate technology into every core subject.
  • Implementation of getCodingby adding First and Second Grade students to the program this year to continue to lay proper foundation for our students to learn how to write programs and applications codes. Our goal is to continually increase our students’ capacity to become producer of technology as opposed to merely being consumers of technology.
  • Common Core English Language Standardsthat allow students to develop their Language skills.
  • Other Programs at Grant, such as Write from the Beginning and Beyond (WFTBB) and Accelerated Reader (AR) will continue to receive the attention they deserve.

The expected outcome of our goal is that at the end of this school year, every student with the support of our teachers, faculty and staff, will be able to effectively demonstrate their thinking and learning through a science and technology project either as an individual, within a small group or whole class project.


We will appreciate the support of all our stakeholder groups including the members of the public to fulfil this ambition. It continues to a be a privilege of a lifetime to serve the scholars and champions of the Grant School community. Go Tigers!


Grant Administration Team