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School History

School History
Located in the “Little Armenia” community of East Hollywood, Grant Elementary School has been serving Kindergarten through 6th grade students for over 100 years. Grant first opened its doors in 1904, and at that time, it served a total student population of 100, from grades K – 8th. Since then, we have provided educational services to over 1,000 students, and serve in the past years to more recently 650 students, grades K – 6th. Our student body is culturally rich and diverse, with over 20 different languages represented. Our staff is also culturally diverse with the majority of the staff speaking two or more languages.

Currently, Grant employs a total of 33 certificated personnel including teachers, counselors, coaches and administrators. An additional 38 classified staff members work in various capacities to support the school operation. Grant Elementary is considered a community school where students and parents spent most of their time due to the absence of a park and other recreational facilities in the neighborhood.
Dedication to Our Students
At Grant Elementary, we believe that every child who walks through our doors is taking the first step towards their college and future careers. It is with this mentality that our dedicated and highly qualified faculty provides a high level of education to every child. Through the District adopted academic programs, Benchmark for Language Arts, and My Math for Math, we ensure that all students progress and succeed academically.

We believe that all students and staff need a safe place in order to succeed. That is why we have many programs in place to support our students. We have implemented the 3Bs: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible to ensure that all staff and students feel safe at Grant.