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9 Dots is a non-profit organization committed to ensuring that all students have access to innovative and effective computer science education.
*Named for a classic critical thinking puzzle, 9 Dots was founded in 2011 by a passionate group of engineers and educators who believe all kids deserve the chance to imagine a career in engineering.  We especially saw a need in communities that lack the types of programming that we had access to growing up - programming that teaches engineering and technology and helps develop students’ problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity skills.  We set out to create a science, technology, engineering, and math program in Los Angeles (well before “STEM” was a thing).  What started in a small classroom as an after-school project to teach STEM skills in a fun, engaging way, quickly evolved into something far more ambitious.
Curriculum*: Our curriculum teaches students to tackle problems and build solutions with code.  Our engaging projects include designing maze games, creating interactive stories, and drawing emojis with code.  Students will discover the joy of coding and strengthen their confidence to pursue computer science.
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