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The Grant Elementary School  Media Arts Lab was created to offer students opportunities to create original works using a variety of tools and technologies such as iPads, green screens, and multimedia apps. This creative space serves as a hub for creative expression and collaboration among young artists. Through media lab experiences, young creative communicators can take exciting topics covered in class, and develop them through a computational thinking process that supports brainstorming, research, writing, and design, and showcase projects to an audience for an intended purpose.

Currently, within LAUSD, most media arts courses reside within visual arts, however, this expanding 21st century art form is far reaching. Media arts courses also reside within theatre, dance and music.

Media arts has been categorized into six primary production categories

1.) Animation

2.) Cinema

3.) Digital Sound Production

4.) Imaging Design

5.) Interactive Design

6.) Virtual Design

While these categories denote artistic specialization in student development,  Grant Teachers recognize that they are also interrelated. A student can learn about cinema and also explore sound production and interactive design, because they are becoming more interrelated in new media platforms. It should also be stressed that this would not replace associated “traditional” arts instruction in dramatics, music or visual composition, as these forms proffer fundamental aesthetic capacities. Grant Elementary School teachers strive towards  developing creative fluency and learning in ALL students.